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This year, Pharma Dynamics celebrates 20 years of expanding access to healthcare – and we could not have done it without you! To mark this milestone, we would like to invite you to collaborate on a digital artwork with us.

A digital artwork that is created From the Heart, just like we are

Every one of our voices will grow this beautiful piece of art. Just like every heartbeat that has a pulse and rhythm, this artwork beats and moves to the sound of our shared voices.

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Now, we invite you to collaborate by adding your voice.

Record your voice message, watch how your voice grows new cells and download your unique artwork.

To grow this artwork we collected the voices of some of our founders, staff and partners. Each new voice evolves it organically.

Voices from the Heart



People Contributed

What others have said:

Happy 20 years Pharma Dynamics! We have been around long enough to earn our place, yet we are also agile and passionate to drive a sustainable future – it is privilege to work here!
Marie Foleo said, 
“success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently”. Happy 20th Anniversary!
I wish Pharma Dynamics to achieve another 20 years! I am honoured to be part of its journey and look forward to the future.
On this 20th Anniversary I Pharma Dynamics had more success. As a staff, we believe in the mission and understand our role in creating its success. I wish everyone more passion, more energy and more life to all employees.
My wish for Pharma Dynamics is to remain loyal to the cause of helping people reach their healthcare goals. Mzansi we are stronger and healthier together.
I believe in Pharma Dynamics and what it stands for. It is a privilege to work here and contribute my part to a healthier South Africa.
The culture in Pharma Dynamics has always been family orientated. To see the care and respect for one another cements the roots of this home-grown company for a brighter future.
Pharma Dynamics is a game-changer, never scared to challenge the status quo. It is through this bravery that we have succeeded in growing our business into the strong player it is today. Onwards and upwards!

These are some of the voice messages from staff and partners who have been with us on this incredible journey and shared their voice to grow this organic artwork, connecting us all.

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